Why gentlemen prefer blonde escorts – sometimes!

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There is the well known phrase that gentlemen prefer blondes. Sometimes it is even true. But why? The scientists say that it is because the blonde is a rare beauty, there certainly are less blondes in the world than there are brunettes. But if it is down to rarity then surely the red heads ought to be the ones that everyone is crying out for! In fact, it is pretty likely that it is a fetish generated by the cinema, especially in the 1950s and 60s with the adoration of Marilyn Monroe and other busty blonde actresses. A lot can be laid at the door of the film industry, also portraying blondes as more promiscuous. Research has even shown that so entrenched are these opinions that a blonde waitress will receive more tips than her brunette colleague! But connoisseurs of beautiful women, such as those who book some of the legendary Manchester escorts from this high class Manchester escorts agency, will tell you that the brunettes are just as desirable as the blonde escorts! So, have we been deceived all these years by what is little short of deceptive advertising, claiming that one hair colour dictates the sensuality and the sexiness, of one of these delectable escorts in Manchester over another? Some dedicated escort clients spend years trying to prove whether there is any difference – or that is their excuse!

An escorts gallery bursting with a variety of sexy escorts!

The sensational Manchester escorts are all equally sexy! There has never been any proof that the brunette escort is better than the blonde escort, or vice versa. When this escorts agency Manchester looks to for so much of its sexy fun, is recruiting new escorts in Manchester, it takes more than hair colour to show that she has what it takes! That’s why when you look on these escort portfolios, or browse the Manchester escorts gallery, you will find a true mix of all the escort types available. What have they got? Great bodies. Some will be busty brunettes, others slender ash blonde model escorts. Long legs or petite. Pretty faces. Whatever the physical make-up ,you can be sure of one thing – they are all sexy, eager to share and highly sensual. Naturally endowed with those talents for giving pleasure. That is what makes them great escorts. The kind of elite escorts that makes them a living legend. We tend to believe that all that glistens is not gold, or golden shall we say, the black escorts, British Asian escorts, dual heritage escorts, the Asian escorts and the majority of European escorts have dark hair and we defy you to say they are not damned sexy and totally gorgeous!! So don’t fall for any old fashioned stereotypes, go by the escort service, the no rush escort style, and the beauty of the individual escort in Manchester who is with you, you know that it is true!

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