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A top Manchester escorts agency like this is busy throughout the year, but when it comes to the month before Christmas and the New Year period into January, then things are really rocking! We are always on the look out for the finest young women who feel that they have the qualities that make for a top escort in Manchester, but right now the demand is hot! So, if you think that the escorting lifestyle could be the one for you and want to know more, then you could start right here. Find out what it takes, consider whether it appeals to you, and if you are ready to take the next step, then get in touch and we will set up an interview time, convenient to you. Then you will be in the best position to see if this is the career for you – an escort job in Manchester!

Knowing yourself and your strengths, your likes and dislikes, is the place to start questioning yourself.


  • The company of guys looking for a casual encounter
  • Earning a high income
  • Flexible work hours
  • Doing what pleases you and the guy because you know you are sexy
  • Like being admired and desired
  • Enjoying the good life
  • A party
  • Life in the fast lane


  • The predictability of a 9 – 5 existence
  • Being tied down to a regular boyfriend
  • Not being able to express your sensual side
  • Working for minimum wage


  • Adaptable
  • Fun loving
  • Confident in your own skin and your sexuality
  • Genuine and honest
  • Ambitious and looking for more in life

It’s just a starting point and you know that if you are to become an escort in Manchester, then there is more you want to know. But to be a Manchester escort we are sure that we as a Manchester escort agency and you, want to feel that we are on the right track. A Manchester escort job requires a special kind of girl, and we believe that you will instinctively know if you have those special assets.

A Manchester escorts job

We hope to find an 18 to 35 year old young woman who has an attractive appearance and a toned figure and genuinely enjoys the attention that these physical features bring her. She is proud of her sexy body and dresses to impress. She’s not afraid to flaunt those assets! If she has all the “likes” that we have mentioned, then she has the personality that will make her a great escort in Manchester in the future.

Why not give us a call or fill in our online application form, attaching a few recent images, and we can start things off by meeting you. Are you the next escort star in Manchester? Here is the escort job Manchester is currently offering that can set you on the road to success.

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