5 Different Categories Of Client

There are various types of clients throughout the world and they cannot all be categorised or listed. A good agency such as Manchester escorts will try and cater for as many as possible. Many men have different proclivities and tastes. Clients come from all walks of life and have differing social backgrounds. Indeed not all clients seeking female companionship are single males. Bisexual escorts can be kept fairly busy entertaining couples or single ladies. You also get some steady gentlemen who find one particular escort who satisfies them so they stick with her on a regular basis. You also get men who get bored with the same partner. That is the reason they see escorts so they can move from one experience to the next. These promiscuous men are like to have regular partners, but one woman will never fully satisfy them

Visiting businessmen

This type of client is easy to understand and quantify. They are often discerning gentlemen looking for home comforts away from home. These gents are usually looking for the more sophisticated and epicurean Manchester escorts to wine and dine with them. They are usually looking for a good conversationalist who is erudite and educated as well as being sexy and beautiful. These gentlemen are often distinguished and affluent and require that to be reflected in the female companion they are with.

Local professional gents seeking female companionship

These are often high flyers who at this juncture of their lives are in the formative stages of building their careers and are not looking for a complicated relationship for the time being. These gents are looking for occasional quality companionship for dinner dates or even to be their plus one when invited to events or functions such as weddings.

Clients needing their confidence boosted

There are a few types of client that fall into this category. They need a sensitive caring experienced Manchester escorts. They are a lot of men who are shy and hesitant needing an escort in Manchester who instantly puts them at ease and even coax them along, often a slightly more mature lady is more suited to this task. Other guys may be fresh out of a bad relationship and have had their confidence and self esteem shattered. Perhaps they need a slightly dominant, though caring lady who is confident and will take control, but also someone able to massage there ego. 

Romantic clients seeking affection

This is often the type of client a Manchester escort may appreciate and enjoy the most. These gentlemen are likely to put in an optimum amount of effort to conjure up some magic turning the date into a special occasion for both. He is usually very appreciative of the companion he is with making sure that she also has the best possible experience as he pays attention to detail. A meal and gifts are often part of the package.

Bad clients

Unfortunately there is always a small proportion of undesirable clients who are either rough or abusive. Good agencies like Manchester escorts will investigate and blacklist these men as the safety and well being of their ladies is paramount.   

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