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Hi you naughty guys!!! Let me put my cards on the table, I love exploring different ways to enjoy some one to one company in the bedroom. Iam adventurous and love to take your suggestions on board, but I have to tell you,because you should know that I have needs just like you –from you -the gentlemen I meet. But I know that we are generally seeking the same things. I love all my escort encounters and can beyour perfect dinner date or an up close and personal GFE, you will find that however our time together goes, it will be exceptionally good! How things go is up to the two of us as our responses to each other dictate the direction, tender or raunchy, it is our chemistry that will decide.

My slender frame is perfectly proportioned with my 34B breasts which are attractively small and well-shaped and my perfectly peachy bottom which is shown off to its finest when I arch my back to give you the sweetest deep French kiss that will set the mood for the hours ahead of us. My clients findmy eagerness and enthusiasm nothing less than awe inspiring and my desire for discovering all the things that you guys love best,begins with my innate understanding of what pleases my man.  What I hope pleases you is the way that I dress. I like the simple, designer dress on the outside, my secrets lie behind that cool exterior. They are for you to explore and the pleasure that you get in revealing layer by layer what lies beneath. I hope you love my body as I look after it carefully, making sure that my skin is soft and sweet smelling, my ash blonde hair is luxuriant, and my lips are plump and welcoming, because they have so much work to do!!

My travels around the world make me confident and I am well informed, when if we are in company at a party, I can hold an intelligent conversation and I have dined in locations worldwide, making me comfortable in top restaurants and I know my way around a wine list! So, if you want beauty, a sexy body, and superlative escort services, but still want even more ……… then I have that special element that will be there for you to discover! That will be our extra special secret for us to know and others to wonder.

If you would like to experience time with me, then I am available on a few nights each week, because I like to keep my services select for the gentlemenI meet and knowing that things are going to be quite exhausting, I like to chill out on the other days, because I give every date my all, but I don’t want to burn out! At 27 I am in feminine perfection physically and mature in my outlook towards meeting gentlemen who will respect me and treasure our time together. I hope that I fit your criteria, I look forward to showing the reality of the things I have told you.


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Age27 Yrs
Hair ColourGreen
Eyes ColourGreen
Dress Size8
NationalityBritish Escorts


1 Hour£140
1.5 Hour£220
2 Hour£280
3 Hour£400
4 Hour£520
Extra Hours£130
Overnight (8 Hours)£1000

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