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I am so glad you stopped by for a little chat! What caught your eye in my escort portfolio? Was it my lightly bronzed skin, or my cute butt? I bet it was my butt! I love to wear a G-string and suspenders; they perfectly frame each cheek of my tasty behind, accentuating how toned and tight they are. Like the whole of my body in fact. I was into gymnastics and dance and still keep up my fitness and I know that the way that my body moves and bends to your will is going to entertain you!!!

What have I been up to until now? Well for a long time I was a dedicated student, very serious about my studies. Books and gymnastics kept me away from you boys for quite a while! But one day I woke up and smelled the coffee!! What was I doing with my head stuck in a book and having early nights??!! Not when I could be out there having fun! Now I simply cannot get enough of it and I am here to share my energy and desire with you!!! You could say that the enthusiasm I show is me making up for lost time and well – we are both going to get the maximum benefits from that aren’t we!!!

I have discovered that I have a real talent for all things sensual, and that has also led me to discover that I am genuinely bi-sexual, so if you would like to meet me and one of my friends, then book me for an escort duo session and I will bring along someone who loves this kind of escort encounter as much as I do. Just think – if you get hot thinking about being with me, just imagine what it is going to be like with two of us wild young escorts frolicking with you and each other. You will not know what has hit you with double the sexy trouble!!!! Or what about all of you sexy ladies out there, I am just dying to get some bookings from you girls, because we really know how to make things happen between us when we get together!

In my early 30s, well 32 to be exact, I have everything you want in terms of physique, experience, and the love of sharing both. My services are as flexible as my body and I aim to please with an open mind and a love of life in the fast lane! Together we will set things on fire from the moment we meet. Did I mention that my studies were in chemistry so I know what I am talking about!!! You are the catalyst that will set me free with every sensual treat in my catalogue of pleasures to indulge you in. So, if those photos that caught your eye, my size 8 34B figure, my swathes of nut brown hair and my clear green eyes are hitting the spot with you, then you know that it is going to be extraordinary when our bodies actually touch for the first time!!! Let’s do it!


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Age32 Yrs
Hair ColourGreen
Eyes ColourGreen
Dress Size8
NationalityBritish Escorts


1 Hour£140
1.5 Hour£220
2 Hour£280
3 Hour£400
4 Hour£520
Extra Hours£130
Overnight (8 Hours)£1000

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