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Well! Here I am, the mature escort that you have been waiting for! Someone that you feel comfortable with when you are sitting together in a restaurant because we appearas a genuine couple, so won’t be raising any eyebrows. Of course, I look stunning, elegantly dressed, a sophisticated woman used to and enjoying the good things of life and people will think what a handsome couple we make. Not just the maître de but those observant concierges in hotels too. This makes me the ideal escort to book in more ways than one, because with my perfect body you won’t be missing those younger escorts anyway, as I am just as taut and toned as them and when it comes to my escort services then I am a world leader!

At 41 I am in my absolute prime, it is the age when we girls are renowned to be at our sexual peak. Those scientists have been at it as usual and say that this is when we gorgeous femalesare enjoying our sensualityat its strongest. Women between 27 and 45 actually have more frequent and more intense erotic fantasies than either those women who are younger or older!! Well let me tell you, mine are not fantasies, because I am an elite escort and I am here meeting gentlemen like you for my sensual release!!! But what you will reap from this, is the fact that I am as sexy and driven as you can handle and loving being with you, and nothing feels better to me than when I am giving you pleasure! It really is a win / win situation!!!! It will be an oh-so-magical experience and one that makes me the hot ticket in Manchester!!!

I am a perfect size 8 with rounded 34C breasts and an ass that you will admire from the distance and find so completely grabbable when we get up close and personal. I am a gym bunny when I am not seeing guys like you for some intimate interaction, so you will find me to be athletic, tireless, and very flexible. I have the body to please and the experience to thrill. It makes for a heady combination and that is why so many clients who see me once cannot resist booking me again and again.

No matter how we spend our time together (and please book me for as long as you can because I really want to show you what you have been missing), we will have an encounter that will spoil you for other women. When you are with me you will be enjoying the company of a woman that is dedicating herself to pleasure, to knowing all the ways to please her man, and to offering herself as the escort that will drive him wild. If that sounds like an escort encounter that as a pleasure-loving man you cannot resist, then call and book me and experience the fact that I am currently the best escort in Manchester.


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Age41 Yrs
Hair ColourBrunette
Eyes ColourHazel
Dress Size8
NationalityBritish Escorts


1 Hour£140
1.5 Hour£220
2 Hour£280
3 Hour£400
4 Hour£520
Extra Hours£130
Overnight (8 Hours)£1000

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