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I am the little blonde bombshell that you have heard about and now I am available here in Manchester to show you that I am simply massive in the department of sexy ideas and thatthey come across with a full helping of sensual overload!!I am the tiny powerhouse that loves to party, have a good time in one of the many ways that I know will thrill you, in fact you will ask yourself if you ever experienced a good time like we had together before you ever met me!!!Our hours together will be a rollercoaster ride of pleasures that will drive you wild.

I may be young, but I have to admit that I am quite experienced. That is all down to the fact that I love what I do, so I like to put the practice in!!! But every time that I meet a new guy, I get to learn something more, because we are all different and it is such fun finding out! So, if you have a few ideas that might interest me, then just let me know and we will see what we can do when we meet! I am aiming to be an expert, so research is very important to me LOL!!!

Because I am new in Manchester you may not feel that you know much about me yet from my escort reviews, because they are only just starting to come in, So let’s do a quick reprise! I am extremely flirtatious, super friendly, ultrafeminine, and full on sexy. If those facts sound appealing to you, then add to them my personal stats –I’m just a tiny 5’ 2” and a dress size 6, withsmall breasts like ripe apples to hold in your hands. But no description, words or pictures can give you the real impression of my miniature size, but if you let meinto your world even for a short while, then you will be amazed that this pocket sized girl has such powersto fulfil your desires and I know you will be coming back for more‼️‼️

If you want to experience time and companionship that you have never felt before, then let me show you exactly what makes me so special, because only our hooking up in real time will allow you to join up my Barlie world with yours. I would love to see you for a long time so that we can really get to know one another, but even if you only have an hour to spare, I will make it an hour like you have never had before with an escort. A firework display of sexy moves, intimate interaction, everything erotic and passionate! Never underestimate the vavavoom that a small package of undiluted sensuality can bring into your life!!! Me!!!!

I hope that we will meet soon and I can prove what I have promised. Call my agency and see if I am available tonight!!  XXXXX Love Barbie


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Age27 Yrs
Hair ColourBlonde
Eyes ColourBrown
Dress Size6
NationalityBritish Escorts


1 Hour£140
1.5 Hour£220
2 Hour£280
3 Hour£400
4 Hour£520
Overnight (8 Hours)£1000
Extra Hours£130

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