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If you are looking for an escort that has as much desire as you, then my name is Aria-Aviva and I can match you move for move, passion for passion, and by answering your sexy desires in every way. If you think that all escorts’ profiles say that, then all you need to do is check me out by booking me tonight. My attitude to my escorting dates is already becoming a legend in Manchester since I arrived, each of you means something different to me. Each date is a unique experience. What we share tonight can never be replicated with another man – even if we see each other more than once, you will realise that each time the dynamic alters a little, just as we get to know each other and the encounter develops organically. It is a beautiful thing.

If you take a closer look at me maybe you can spot a little Latina in my heritage, there is a little bit of South American, Brazilian in fact, and that could account for the passion that runs in my blood. It certainly shows in my lightly bronzed skin tone making me look touched by the sun all year round, and of course my dark eyes like pools of sensual promise and my virtually black hair. If my brunette looks instinctively hit a hot spot with you, then you will be one of the natural connoisseurs of women who know that a dark haired woman is the sexiest of all! We brunette escorts positively smoulder with genuine feelings of lust, we are known for our licentiousness and our wanton lack of restraint. Does that sound appealing to you?

Just as you would imagine from knowing just a little about me, I am open to suggestion and love to explore all the avenues of pleasure that you can think of. I dress my curvy body blatantly in suggestive and provocative lingerie, just one of the tools I use to invite you to enjoy me. I am here because I adore meeting guys like you and girls too by the way sometimes, maybe you are tempted by me and a friend. If you think that I am irresistible, then just think about two of us together. Because the only friends I have are just as sexy as me. That’s the rule!

Am I a flirt? Of course I am. A little flirtation is a spice to our dish. But don’t worry that I am a tease, (only after I have tied you up anyway and that is in special circumstances). But every temptation is followed by the realisation of that promise fulfilled. I am fiery, so maybe one of the few things that doesn’t interest me too much is being a submissive escort, I am rather more pro-active than that! So, if you want to take on this raunchy Miss, then I am here and eager to hear that you have called to invite me over to your place. Be ready for the night of your life!!


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Age24 Yrs
Hair ColourBrunette
Eyes ColourBrown
Dress Size8
NationalityBritish Escorts
EthnicityMixed Race


1 Hour£140
1.5 Hour£220
2 Hour£280
3 Hour£400
4 Hour£520
Overnight (8 Hours)£1000
Extra Hours£130

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