Holly,20Manchester escorts

December 3, 2019

Wow! What an amazing young lady holly is! She is fantastic!!! She had great looks and offers a brilliant service! Look forward to the next meet thank you babe


Foxy,21 Manchester escorts UK

December 3, 2019

Great couple of hours spent with foxy! She is a lovely lady with a beautiful smile and amazing body. Her services were incredible and she is a lovely girl with a great sense of humour. Highly recommend


Fanny,21 Manchester escorts UK

December 3, 2019

Great fun had with fanny. Offers a great service and is a really loved lady. She is very willing and great company! Was an amazing time and not rushed at all. Hope to see her again soon. Thank you xx

Usman Warrington

Emma Super Busy

December 3, 2019

Great to see Emma today! What a lady! She is attractive in every single way. I had a great time with her. She treats you well and gives a great service overall. Thank you so much Emma. See you again soon xx


Emily blonde girl Manchester UK

December 3, 2019

Emily is welcoming, friendly and very enthusiastic. Her attitude towards her work is fantastic. She is a lovely girl with a lovely personality and a killer of a body! Highly recommend this lovely young lady and looking forward to seeing her again xxx


Dexi 24

December 3, 2019

Excellent time spent with this lovely friendly and affectionate woman. Can’t wait to see her again. She is welcoming and friendly and really good at her work. Money well spent. X



December 3, 2019

A very hot and steamy session with the lovely deniz. Professional lady with a great attitude who clearly enjoys her work! Made me feel wonderful. Can not wait to see her again in the next few weeks. X


Courtney Massage Escort

December 3, 2019

Courtney has more than one trick to surprise you!! She is naughty and caring. I had a wonderful time looking forward to the repeats!


Claudia Sexy Girl

December 3, 2019

Returned to see this lovely lady. Excellent time and excellent service. She is very friendly and passionate. Her services are really amazing. Made me feel like a king. See you soon Claudia x



December 3, 2019

Fantastic lady! Very passionate and the pics of chrissi are accurate! I visited her today and she was nice and offers a real girlfriend experience. I will come back for more



December 3, 2019

This was a wonderful session! Everything I wanted with the gorgeous carley! She is passionate and amazing at her work! Loved every second and looking forward to doing it all again next time xx


Bruna 23

December 3, 2019

Very sexy lady! Bruna is easily one of the best! Fantastic service. A wonderful time spent with a very beautiful and very sexy young lady. 10/10

Jefrro Veen

Bree,22 Manchester escorts UK

December 3, 2019

Bree is a gorgeous woman who must be treasured! Her warm and lovely personality make any visit a wow and a most memorable occasion. Thank you so much bree I look forward to next time already

Zin Minag


December 3, 2019

Great meeting with a very sweet and fit girl. She is exactly like in her pics and offers a very good service. I can’t wait to come back soon! Thanks babe xx



December 3, 2019

Amazing beautiful friendly and chatty young lady. Can’t wait to see you again. Highly recommend

F Carlos

Alessandra Elegant Comapnion

December 3, 2019

Alessandro is a lovely girl. She is beautiful and professional with a very fit body. A real gem of a girl!! Almost fell in love. Really enjoyed. Thank you gorgeous xxx


Natalia 20 Manchester escort

December 1, 2019

Great time with Natalia! Beautiful lovely girl with a great fit body and lovely personality. Knows how to treat a man. Felt like a king! Loved every second and can’t wait to see her again. Thanks everyone xxx

Wes Manchester

Stacey 20 Manchester escorts

November 22, 2019

They only make girls like this as a limited edition! Met Mik last night, wot a girl she is! Can’t wait until I am in Manchester next time to see her again


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