Emily Ashford

Hi you naughty guys!!! Let me put my cards on the table, I love exploring different ways to enjoy some one to one company in the bedroom. Iam adventurous and love to take your suggestions on board, but I have to tell you,because you should know that I have needs just like you –from you… Continue reading Emily Ashford

Ellie Chase

I am so glad you stopped by for a little chat! What caught your eye in my escort portfolio? Was it my lightly bronzed skin, or my cute butt? I bet it was my butt! I love to wear a G-string and suspenders; they perfectly frame each cheek of my tasty behind, accentuating how toned… Continue reading Ellie Chase

Darling Nikki

Well! Here I am, the mature escort that you have been waiting for! Someone that you feel comfortable with when you are sitting together in a restaurant because we appearas a genuine couple, so won’t be raising any eyebrows. Of course, I look stunning, elegantly dressed, a sophisticated woman used to and enjoying the good… Continue reading Darling Nikki


If you want to meet the girlfriend of all girlfriend experiences, then I am here at your disposal! Available several evenings a week, nothing pleases me more than to get a call from someone who wants the ultimate in GFE experiences. Because that is where my heart lies. I love the intimate, tactile encounters that… Continue reading Sienna


I am the little blonde bombshell that you have heard about and now I am available here in Manchester to show you that I am simply massive in the department of sexy ideas and thatthey come across with a full helping of sensual overload!!I am the tiny powerhouse that loves to party, have a good… Continue reading Barbie

Leni Wilde

I’m just too sexy for one man to handle full time, so my heart is in escorting where I get to meet guys like you! So, if you think that you are up to a woman like me with my 100% commitment to pleasure, then all you have to do is call and book! I… Continue reading Leni Wilde


Well hello!!! So glad you want us to have a little chat. So let me get straight to the point. I would say that looks can be deceiving, because I can look as if butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, but that impression will not last when you invite me over to your place and… Continue reading ELSIE


Make sure that you spoil yourself by booking me for as long as your schedule will make room for…..because I want to assure you myself that I am worth every minute. Some find me an enigma. A puzzle because whilst I am sophisticated and classed as an elite escort, the sexy side of me really… Continue reading Elaina

Aria Aviva

If you are looking for an escort that has as much desire as you, then my name is Aria-Aviva and I can match you move for move, passion for passion, and by answering your sexy desires in every way. If you think that all escorts’ profiles say that, then all you need to do is… Continue reading Aria Aviva


When you have a hot night planned with an XXX Rated escort, then boys – you need to book me!! Take a look at my photos, what do they say to you?? Yes! What do you see? Don’t be shy! Because I am not just a hot escort, I pass that benchmark by miles, I… Continue reading Candice

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